Coronavirus (COVID -19) Update

Dear valued customers

There have been some developments in the last few days and some clients asked me if there was any change regarding our cleaning schedule during the current situation. As of today (17/3/2020) the answer is no but our procedures to implement appropriate precautions which are in accord with the latest relevant advice provided by government health authorities may change as that advice changes. The health, safety and well-being of our cleaning teams and customers is our first priority. We wish to let you know all our cleaning teams are fully aware of the need to be alert to the symptoms of the virus and in the event they are feeling unwell or having any symptoms of a flu, they will ask for a leave and avoid going out to work. As we need to go to clients’ site to conduct our cleaning duties, could you please make sure you let us know, for the properties where we are cleaning at:

  1. if the occupant/s or someone the occupant/s have been in contact with have just landed in Perth recently (including by interstate flights)

  2. if the occupant/s or someone the occupant/s have been in contact with have a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID- 19)

  3. if the occupant/s or someone the occupant/s have been in contact with have any flu symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath)

As the virus can spread from person-to-person by small droplets, it is important to stay certain distancing. Many being Chinese background, we understand different countries have different cultures regarding wearing masks. Please rest assured if you see any cleaning members wearing a mask at work, it does not mean they are sick. Wearing masks is the basic measure to prevent (healthy) people from being exposed to virus droplets in an unknown environment in China (and many other Asian countries). Even now China has achieved great results in controlling the spread of the disease, people are still required to wear masks in public to retain the success achieved so far. Wearing a mask is the daily practice for some of the occupations (e.g. chef, nail technician) to maintain a high hygiene standard for customers even before the virus situation in many cultures.

We also highly appreciate it if you can be off site (whenever possible) or keep a reasonable distance when we are cleaning to minimise the chance we get into contact with each other. We are pleased to see some of our lovely domestic clients have shown their great understanding and support in this unique circumstance.

If you have questions regarding coronavirus, please refer to the following websites:

Department of Health - WA

Department of Health - Novel coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO) - Coronavirus

Certain occupations wearing masks to maintain high standard of hygiene in daily practices

Chefs wearing masks

Baker wearing a mask

Nail technicians wearing a mask