Commercial Office Cleaning

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To maintain your workplace in high standard of cleanliness can improve your employees’ productivity and build a professional image to external visitors. Better Cleaners Perth is one of the few office/commercial cleaners who can get your workplace cleaning quality up to residential cleaning. Our commercial cleaning service is always available for all after hours requirement. Some of our long term loyalty customers are as below:

  • Shopping centres (communal areas)
  • Big offices in warehouse or industrial areas
  • Government agencies (offices and public areas)
  • Legal firms
  • Mining companies
  • Public GYMs
  • Radio Stations and studios

We provide customised service packages. Our proposed basic standard office cleaning package is:

  • Skirting boards, window sills and general furniture dusted
  • Desks wiped including under keyboards
  • Keyboards, telephone handsets, computer screens dusted
  • Kitchen area or lunchroom cleaned
  • Microwave oven cleaned inside and outside
  • Restrooms or toilets cleaned & sanitised
  • Vacuum throughout including under desks. Floor mopped
  • Bins emptied. Rubbish bag changed

Some of Our Long Term Commercial Office Clients

Reasons to choose Better Cleaners Perth

  • We have clients in health industry and we keep a special eye on to make sure our office cleaning is low toxic and environment friendly.
  • Unlike other pure commercial cleaners, all our staff are doing private domestic cleaning during daytime and our standard can meet the highest requirement. At the meanwhile, they are all well trained to cater to special needs from big public areas with high traffic.
  • We are one of the best choice for office and house cleaning demand combined customers.
  • We do not mind working 6pm-6am, 7 days.
  • We provide prompt response when customers are off site. We always alert clients when your alarm is set off when it should be on. We always alert clients when the fridge is out of power. We alert clients when hearing suspicious beeping. We alert clients when seeing water system failure or damage.

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