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For customer inquiries only

If you are new to us, the most effective way to get a best quote is to contact us initially by filling out below forms. So we have all necessary information to assist at once without back and forth communication. You can easily fill out the form on your mobile phone  or a computer.

All online enquiries will normally be replied by the end of the working day, or the 2nd working day the latest. 

Other ways to contact us as below. Please try NOT to call us as a Private Number as it is commonly used by countless tele-marketers. If we missed your call, we can not call you back.

✆+61-432-369-800 ✉ 

For tele-marketers

Any cold calls are NOT welcome as the above mobile number is dedicated for customer enquiries.  You can email us to This is the only way you can use to reach us without being flagged as spam. Your emails to any other emails will be blocked and reported as spam.