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Have a busy life and do not have time to clean? Or simply do not like cleaning? Not good at cleaning? No worries, with a minimum spending of $17.5 each week*, you can easily maintain a spotless home. Never have to worry when you want to invite friends home again!

According to budget from more to less, you can choose regular maid services from weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or one-off when required. Generally speaking, a Standard Package is good for daily maintenance. 

If it is for a rent inspection (which normally happens once every 3 months) purpose, choose Inspection Package to have more tasks included compared with Standard Package. You can reply on the affordable service to pass your real estate agent’s inspection with a breeze. 

When it comes to an end of lease, you will need a comprehensive Vacate Package (possibly with professional carpet, sofa or mattress steaming) to get your bond back. This is the time to consider a trustworthy cleaning company for your move-out clean request because cheap cleaners probably just do poor jobs and you will end up dealing with tight timelines and total higher cost with stress. Moving is already stressful to each household at this special occasion, make smart informed decisions by using a reputable service. 

*calculated for a 1*1 apartment with 4-weekly standard package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to book a regular clean with the top team?

We recommend to use the online form for the initial contact so we can have all answers we need to give you the most suitable booking according to your preference. We always send you the same team so we can book daily, twice-a-week, weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly automatically but can not do 3-weekly booking (with the same team, at the same day/time-frame). Although you need to spend a little bit longer time filling out the form for the first go, it is much beneficial as we do not have to go back and forth later on. Once a regular clean is confirmed by you after initial visit,  When you are happy with the team we send you, you can easily book or request ongoing cleans by sending a simple text or email. Of course, call us anytime you want when you need some quick response. 

How can I get the top team ?

The more flexible you are with days/time frames, the better chance we can send you the top team. Fridays are the busiest day but each team only have limited hours on a Friday. If you can do any day, a flexible time say 8-6, we have better chance to squeeze in a top team for you. Some clients would like to schedule home cleaning when they are away at work - this is a good option for us too. 

To offer us  a flexible time 8-6 on most possible weekdays while requesting no notice makes a big difference since the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out why on our Updates.

Why your regular service is not charged by hour?

Do I have to be home when you clean?

It is totally up to you. All our team members are police cleared so your home is safe in our hands. We recommend to use a lock box to leave a key if you choose to do so.

Are you alright to work with pets around?

Most of teams are pet lovers. We have some cleaners allergic to cats so just let us know if you have cats or dogs and how many in total from the beginning, we will send a right team for you.

What cleaning products do you use? 

We bring all generic cleaning products which are environmentally friendly as well as efficient in cleaning result. By default we will use as less as possible to clean your home. If you do prefer certain brand of products, please just leave out and we can use yours for sure.  To use our set of tools including sprays, brushes, (commercial grade back-pack) vacuum cleaner, special cloths, we normally can reach higher efficiency, just like an highly experienced cook uses his favourite cooking utensils.  

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