7/May/2023: Due to Fremantle roads closures for High Voltage, some regular jobs this weekend are rescheduled. Thanks for being flexible with days/times.

Feb 2023: No availability for vacating jobs until further notice.

Nov 2022: We could not afford any fixed time booking but we can text you timing one day prior if in need

Feb 2022: Please be off site as much as you can when we attend to cleaning so we can be contactless to each other to avoid disruption caused by the service you need and love

Feb 2022. When it is time to ask for a budget increase

Jan 2022: Some simple protocols we will be adhering to given the environment in Perth is rapidly changing with the onset of Covid19 and Omicron variant

Nov 2021: How we handle unexpected accidents

To provide a fair work environment for all team members with different levels of experiences, we think it is more important to reach the goal of same quality jobs every visit. Therefore we charge a rather fixed price for regular jobs with fixed packages instead of exactly by hour. See more details here.

29/7/2021: Why we have to give priority bookings to clients who allow a flexible time?

29/6/2021: All domestic jobs are now cancelled 29/6 - 2/7/21 due to the 4-day lockdown. We can reschedule some of the jobs upon request. Please email or text.

27/4/2021: All bookings for home services are back to normal from 27/4/21 Tue.

24/4/2021: All bookings for home services are cancelled by default 24/4/21 Sat - 26/4/21 Mon. Non-residential bookings (e.g. offices, strata buildings) remain on as unchanged.