Update - Priority bookings to Flexible Clients

29/7/2021: To live with the pandemic, we have to give priority bookings to new clients who allow a flexible time 8-6 on most possible weekdays, requesting no notice on the day.

With constant unexpected change/cancellation requests from our clients when people are working from home, in self isolation etc., we can no longer guarantee a booking with a specific time as we can before, after the initial clean. We understand urgency could happen to anyone on any day so we have not charged for a cancellation from a regular clients as long as we are notified with a reasonable time. However, when we get an urgent change request the same day, we have to ask other clients to change accordingly. With too many such requests since the pandemic, we have to give up fixed time bookings to survive. Just have to say NO to things we can not do to avoid customer disappointments. For the first clean, we wish to make a time to meet all new clients so we can have a good face to face communication.